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Welcome to
Beekeeping in
Trumbull County

Mission Statement

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Trumbull County Beekeepers Association, referred to as TCBA, is a non-profit unincorporated association formed under the laws of the State of Ohio, with the purpose to assist and educate beekeepers to maintain our individual rights as beekeepers, to encourage beekeeping as a hobby and as an industry, to promote natural beekeeping and methods, and to create a positive public image of beekeeping.

Meet The TCBA Team

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Scott Lealand

I am 52 years young, married for 29 years, and dad to three children aged, 22, 16 and 13. This is my 8th year of beekeeping. Currently I currently keep 30 full sized hives with much help from my wife and children. In 2016, I founded Mirquegan Apiaries. We have been blessed with an 80%+ overwintering survival rate for the past 5 years. Additionally, I am an avid outdoorsman and a class A CDL truck driver of 16 years with 2 million safe miles. 

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Vice- President
Kyle Prindle


TCBA Vice President, Backyard Beekeeper of 6 years. Beekeeping mentor, I love learning new and interesting topics in beekeeping.  Interests: Beekeeping, SCUBA Diving, hunting, fishing, engineering, and learning new things. 

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Andrea Dach

 I've been a beekeeper for 7 years, and I live in Niles.  I have been the secretary for the club since 2019.  As a registered nurse, I took up beekeeping for the fun of biology experimenting and comparing the different breeds of bees. I have had experience with Italian, Russian, Saskatraz, Carniolan, and Ohio Mutts.

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Withheld for privacy.

Alysia Lealand


Wife, mother of three amazing children, and Full-time COTA/L (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant), backyard beekeeper and mentor, and TCBA Trumbull County Fair Coordinator. I have been beekeeping for 3 years and actively involved in our Apiary for 8 years with our beeswax products, services, and always being the one behind the camera. 


John Moss

I have been keeping bees for 5 seasons and currently have 13 colonies. Our family business is Wicked Sweet Honeybees where we sell honey, candles and other products.

I have been a Trustee with the Trumbull County Beekeepers Association for 3+ years. I have led the club's Beginning Beekeeping class for the past 3 years. I have mentored many new beekeepers and love sharing information. I am always willing to talk about beekeeping!

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Deb Rheault

Retired teacher, backyard hobbyist beekeeper of 3 years, Veteran USN,  Heroes to Hives graduate, and currently enrolled in the Great Plains Master Beekeeper Course University of Nebraska. My interests are: back yard beekeeping, beekeeping education, community, student, and Veteran outreach, gardening, and camping.

Dan Spicer


I have been beekeeping with my son Kyle for about 5 years, and we have around 40 hives. I was the Manager of Kent State University Grounds Department and am now retired. I was Trustee at Paris Township for 8 years. I am a Veteran of the United States Air Force reserves. I am Vice President of the Isaak Walton League, Martin L. Davey Chapter in Paris Township.  My interests are bee keeping/classes gathering bee swarms and hunting with my Grandchildren.

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Stephanie Turney


Suggested Reading

Books, magazines, journals, and articles on beekeeping which are informational, thought-provoking, and heart warming.

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The Bee Book.jpg
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Storey's Guide to Keeping Honey Bees.png
Swarm Essentials.png
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The Beekeeper Handbook.png
A Beekeeper's Diary Self Guide to Keeping Bees.jpg
American Bee Journal.jpg
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Piece of Honeycomb

Feel Free to Ask Us Anything about Beekeeping

Contact us to learn more about TCBA

     Meeting Address 

Ohio State Extension Office
520 W Main St #1
Cortland, OH  44410

   Meeting Times

  4th Thursday of Month

   January - November  

7 p.m.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 412
Cortland, OH 44410

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